Build 2016

As time to build started to approach we had three groups of designers, as we developed these designs we ended up with just two groups. As building materials we offered them only 95mm x 45mm C16 timber sections (in either 4.8m or 2.4m lengths) or sheets of 11mm OSB wood particle board. Each group could use either or both. We were also generous enough to supply fixings…

One group used just the lengths of timber and the other just the sheets of OSB. Both were ambitious, both pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the materials, both pushed the budget to the edge and both were in excess of the building skills available – and this is exactly what we wanted. 

Realising we needed a bit more expertise we drafted in the talented Nick Warrilow, fresh from set-building some Hollywood production somewhere in Scotland. He brought much needed craftsmanship and tutelage to the designers.

A long, sunny and hot weekend ensued – skills were learned, skin was burned and the results were beyond anyone’s expectations.