Uaimh – the Cave

Colette Carney   |   Lewis Grant   |   Ruairidh C. Moir   |   Ryan Reid   |   Drew Thomson   |   Sinje Westerhaus


'Uaimh' is a conglomerate of layers that invites curiosity and interaction.  Where and when did this object originate?  How has it been created?  

On one level, it is a composition of multiple layers of unique carved OSB sheets and on the other, it recalls both the geological and the cultural context of the glen.  OSB is a utilitarian staple of the construction industry, commonly seen but rarely celebrated.

Here it is transformed into a hand carved sculpture in which to enjoy moments of contemplation in spectacular surroundings.  'Uaimh' also recalls both the water carved rocks of the Monachyle Burn as well as referencing the legend of King Robert the Bruce and the spider which is said to have occurred at 'Uaimh-an-Righ' (The Royal Cave) nearby in Balquidder.  

“Mas carraig no uaimh do chòmhnaidh,
whether a rock or a cave be your dwelling.”