Our first small scale landscape installation was funded by the Scottish Government’s Scenic Routes Initiative and it grant aided two Strathclyde Architecture Masters students to build a landscape viewing point. The two students, Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler spent many a long hour in a railway arch in Glasgow learning how to build something having only ever drawn something before. Armed with only a vague idea of what their creation’s impact would be once it was placed in the landscape, they toiled for nearly eight weeks to build what would become “the Lookout”

One bright and sunny day in May 2014 we collected the parts Daniel and Angus had made from their workshop in Glasgow and with the assistance of some Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park staff, we brought their creation to Balquhidder.

Once the protective plastic wrap came off, the name “Lookout” disappeared and the moniker “The Shinybox” was instantly born. It has featured in the media across the globe, from Japan to Germany, both in the architectural press and the travel glossies – its architectural highlight being a starring role in the first episode of the reborn Teletubbies.
Driven by both his love of small architecture and his surprise at the number of visitors to the hotel that the Lookout generated Tom decided that, with 2000 acres of stunning landscape and plenty of skills and resources to draw upon, that we should really do this again…