The Shieling - Àiridh

David Wyllie   |   Mark Johnston   |   Fraser Maitland   |   Martin Flett

Inspired by shielings – seasonal shepherds huts once common in the hills and mountains of Scotland. 

This modern interpretation explores how a single, simple material can be used to make a pure and elegant form, that is simultaneously open and closed to the elements. A place to relax and socialise, the slatted form of The Shieling allows you to discover your own panoramic views of the stunning surrounding landscape. 

Situated within the grounds of the Monachyle Mhor Hotel, The Shieling is flexible and adaptable for various uses, with an internal atmosphere that changes throughout the day as the light interacts with the stacked structure creating ladders and lattices of shadows within. 


The Sheiling

It stands alone
Up in a land of stone
All worn like ancient stairs, 
A land of rocks and trees
Nourished on wind and stone.

Edward Thomas